Artistico Travel Consultants
Debi Schneider
(916) 749-8680

I like the energy of this group of fine women. We devote so much time and effort to fund raising and reap the benefits of giving generously to our community, and internationally.

Ask Yvi
Yvonne Heimann

I always enjoyed helping the community. Now through my involvement with the Loomis Soroptimist I can do it while meeting amazing, like minded women!
CA Technologies
Karen Bocast

I love the work we do to empower women and girls to be the best they can be.I also love the women in this group and the philosophy that "one does what one can".

Dignity Health
Loree Rohe
Registered Nurse Case Manager

I just became a member this week, and look forward to getting to know these professional women who are motivated to give time in their community to improve the lives of women and girls

Edward Jones
Sharla Nichols Caves
Financial Advisor

I have made some amazing friends in this organization. Being able to be a part of something that is bigger than any one of us, or even just our group, where we can help make a difference in the lives of women and young girls has been one of the most fulfilling things.

Freelance Writer
Kathy Maynard

Being part of a great group of women who do all they can to help other women, girls and the community is not only a privilege, but it's also a lot of fun!

Hebard Insurance & Tax Solutions
Sabrina Higby Archuleta
Enrolled Agent/CPA

I love all of the people in the community and worldwide that Soroptimist supports. I also love all of the members, it is a fabulous group of women.

Hebard-Higby Insurance & Tax Solutions
Chris Hebard-Summers
(916) 652-0404

My grandpa always told me to take care of the community and it will take care of you. Soroptimist has not only given me the vehicle to contribute to my local community, but to the world wide community as well. It is inspiring to watch the women we support take back their lives and make a future for their children. And my favorite bonus, I get to hang out with the best ladies in world!

J C Bookkeeping Services
Jackie DeMartini

Through Soroptimist, I have found a great way to give back to, not only my community, but the world, one woman at a time, one girl at a time. Through my local club, S.I. Loomis Basin, I have found likeminded women, who understand giving back to our community doesn’t need to be a solo project; they know how to have fun! These women are some of the greatest women I know, they are my friends!

Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce
Jenny Knisley

I joined Sorptimist in 1996 and I can’t imagine my life without it. Working with a great group of women coming together to make a difference in others’ lives has been the perfect fit for me. I love all the wonderful things that our Loomis Basin Sorptimist does locally and globally and I’m proud to be a member.

Loomis Self Storage
Nancy Hogan

Helping! Raising money for good causes! Having new friends!

Marketing Action, Inc.
Karen Fraser-Middleton

I’ve always been involved in the community, schools and scouts. Soroptimist is a wonderful way to continue contributing locally and beyond. This group of women is fun, dedicated and knows how to get things done. I’ve made and deepened friendships. I appreciate that the club is “no guilt” so if I miss a meeting, there are no penalties except missing the laughter and project updates. Being a part of SI Loomis is very fulfilling.

Marilyn Robinson

I enjoy helping women and girls reach their potential in life.

Realtor – Crossroad Ventures Group
Terry Duarte

Because is is so rewarding to give back!
Rejuvenate Day Spa
Kaera Anzalone

What's not to like? A super fun group of women of all ages who are truly community activists supporting local women, girls and families. I am blessed to be able to give back to the community that supports my business and make a difference in the world at large as well.

Rhonda Morillas

The friendships you make with all the wonderful members. Most important is what we do in the community and the world to help wo en an girls.

Alaire Outlaw
Retired Pharmaceutical Sales

I just joined (January 2016) because of this amazing group of woman who are making a difference in the Loomis Basin area! I am honored to be part of this group!

Retired from Loomis Union School District
Dottie Breckenridge

Working with a group of women who are giving with their time; generous with encouragement; and generous in helping young girls and women.

Smithtonian Graphic Design
Toni Smith-Zachary

It's about giving back. We're very fortunate to live in a country that allows us so many opportunities. The gals I work with side by side are some of the hardest working, compassionate
women I've ever met. I like to think that a "hand up" versus a "hand out" goes much farther. I'm happy to say I've witnessed this happen through this organizations' efforts, locally, regionally, and abroad.

Wellness Within
Randi Beasley
Outreach/Marketing Coordinator

It's great to be around strong, independent and caring women who care about their community.